This page will give you all the important information you need on how to keep the Playground a sanctuary for all members, and your own self. It’s not long, so make sure you read it at least once, so that you know all the deeply important things you need to be aware of.

The Playground is a place where like-minded people gather to learn, grow and encourage each other. Showing up with your best self here is the way to get the most out of your membership and to become a valued co-creator of this space.

Be responsible for:

  • Yourself – Bring your best self. Aks for what you need and do so with an open mind. Share if you have the answer that could help someone. You are responsible for whatever information you take on from others in the Playground. You accept that you are responsible for acting on advice or not, and you’re advised to get professional opinions relating to your own individual situation.
  • Your membership – Set time aside to check in often. Make sure you know what’s here for you to use, and use it when you’re called to. No illegal content will be tolerated. Promote your business and other offerings can be done in the Facebook Group NOT IN THE FORUM! The forum is a safe and confidential sanctuary to learning and connecting so that we can all support each other and grow together.
  • Your reactions – Remember that the Playground is made up of individuals with their own needs. Listen with an open heart and an open mind, and if you are called to respond, do so. Know your own boundaries and the things that could trigger you and think think think before answering.
  • Confidentiality – the Playground is a confidential sanctuary, to create maximum usefulness for all members. Learning in a safe, sacred, confidential space makes for a powerful mastermind group. Keep the confidentiality of members at all times. This is why the forum is NOT on Facebook and makes the content non-shareable.
  • Copyright – all Playground materials are for Playground member use only. It is totally not ok to share your materials or any part of them with others, nor is it OK to sell them or any part of them. A lot of sweat and tears had to happen to bring the materials to you, please be respectful and mind your manners.
  • Reporting a gripe or breach of rules – if you have a gripe or need to report a breach of guidelines, email! Don’t post it on the Playground Facebook Group or in the Forum. I want to help you! Get the quickest response by emailing us and I will help sort it out for you.
  • If you need help of any kind – tech questions, admin, etc – first go through these questions! If you’re still at lost, get in touch via and I’ll help you as soon as I can. To repeat: the forums are not the best place for support requests, email me every time.

How NOT to use the space:

The Playground Forum exists to brainstorm and connect as you work through courses, set your goals and reach them. Anything else, it is not the right space for. Sharing your offers, blog posts and the like is for the Facebook Group!

This is not for Therapy! Everyone has a shit day and it’s okay to get support but this is not the space to address deep-rooted issues that require processing in a bigger kind of a way.

Please don’t use this space for the sole purpose of recruiting new clients and customers. This is why we have a Facebook Group so you can share that goodness!

Please don’t announce your goodbye from the membership if you choose to leave! It becomes disruptive to this space. The Playground Forum exists instead to stay focused on your goals and dreams and use the Playground resources to help you get there.

The Playground has a zero-tolerance policy for bullshit of every kind. Gossip, harassment, derogatory comments, slurs, abusive or disrespectful behavior or posts WILL NOT be tolerated. You will be banned without refund for this behavior. You are free to use whatever words you like, but any harsh language directed at anyone else will be grounds for banning without refund.

Being banned from the Playground is NOT grounds for refund. Respect the boundaries of the space, use the resources and stay focussed on what you want to create in your life and business!

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