Welcome to the Playground.

It’s time to get to know yourself by exploring who you are and dive into self-awareness so you can live the best life being you.


Resources to create a life that feels good from the inside out

You Rise Above!

Unleash yourself and own your power to have the best year every year!

Find the Spark!

Explore + discover what lights you up and create a life full of fireworks.

Set Boundaries

Learn about the boundaries you want + give yourself permission to say no.

Self-care = Self-Love

Explore 28 way to nurture yourself and learn to honor your own needs.

Change your story 

Acknowledge where you are and then choose to rise above the stories.

A Confident You 

Problem Solving

Personal Growth

Clean + Declutter 

Soul Walk

Patience Challenge

Mornings Matter

No excuses


Ready, Set, GOAL! Resources to help you get started towards your goals and keep going

90-Day Goal Journey

Mindset on Fire

Goal and Resolution



Resources to share your words with the world on a blog or in a book or both!

Start a Blog

Blogging Challenge

Write a Book

Writing Challenge


Nurture your creativity and allow it to flow

Create a Coloring Book

Create  a Planner

Pyrography 101

Macrame 101

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