Come play in the Den and unleash your and ideas into the world! 

Simple digestible courses because I like to be straight and to the point but organized in a way so you can stay focused on your mission.

A community of like-minded people in the sanctuary (the forum) and a private Facebook Group

Weekly Office Hours so you can have the feedback, support you need on the regular!

Monthly Live Q&A Sessions where I will answer your questions about life and business and all the things

Tools and Resources to take that extra step when it comes to life, goals, writing, and business.

I believe in transparency and want to make sure I answer your questions, so here we go! 

What is The Rebels Den?

The Rebels Den is a playground for embracing who you are and birthing your creative ideas into the world. It comes with a sanctuary (the forum) to ensure a safe space for all of our members.

Who is The Rebels Den for?

This is for anyone ready to embrace themselves and bring their ideas into this world.

This is for those who never fit in, feel like they never belong, don’t like what other people like and your first gut reaction is to always do the opposite. Because you and I are natural non-conformists but we have a big heart and care about the world around us.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I pay?

First, click the ‘Buy Now’ button. On the next page, there is an option at the bottom that says ‘Don’t have PayPal?’ Click that, and it will give you more options to pay, such as credit card. Note: A PayPal account will be required for a payment plan or subscription.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! You can now join The Rebels Den on a payment plan when we are open for enrollment. Want to be informed when we are opening the doors, get on the waitlist

What is your refund policy?

It’s important to know that we offer no refunds for The Rebels Den or any of our digital products. A lot of coffee and sweat are part of the process to make sure that the value you receive is supporting your investment.

Likewise, joining via a payment plan or subscription is non-refundable. You will be required to pay the amount in full or your membership will be suspended and a claim will be made through PayPal for the outstanding amount.

For these reasons, it is important that you are fully committed to making this investment in yourself.

How much time will I need to invest in The Rebels Den?

That is completely up to you. We encourage you to set time aside every week to learn something new or do something new. Come play in the sanctuary and grow with the support of the community.

All our digital products can be downloaded and taken anywhere, so you can do the work offline – really we want you too! You can access the forum from your phone, laptop or other gadgets that connect to the internet while you’re sitting at a coffee shop.

What do I get in The Rebels Den

  • We are currently working on this. There is a ton of stuff in the works.
  • Access to the sanctuary (forum) where you can connect with like-minded people
  • The opportunity to connect and share the good, the bad and the ugly and have each other support as we all rise to the top.
  • A community to learn and grow from, friendships like no other, your questions answered by Petra Monaco.
  • A private The Rebels Den Facebook group

How long does The Rebels Den membership last for?

One year from the time of your sign up date. You will receive notice from when your membership is about to be canceled so you can make the choice to rejoin or leave. Even though we’d hate to see you go, we understand the need to make decisions that feel good and support us.

Do you have an Affiliate program?

It’s on the action plan and will be coming soon!

What if I have more questions?

If you still have questions visit our contact page.

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