Hi! I’m Petra!

I’m a blogger, author, artist, and coach! Oh and absolutely believe in finding your own way, but not necessarily alone.

For years I’ve struggled to get things done that I said I would do such as: 


  • Writing a book
  • Starting a business
  • Going to college
  • Lose Weight

So what exactly was the problem?

I kept saying “one day I will” or “someday I am going to” but instead of taking action I procrastinated and made a ton of excuses of why none of my dreams + goals could be a reality.

Then I discovered the art of accountability and how it can help you stay focused and actually get things done. Since then I have earned 2 college degrees, published 5 books, created 4 coloring books, started a business, and yup lost a bunch of weight – not necessarily in that order.

If you’re ready to stop talking about what you will do “one day” and start taking action with support, accountability, and encouragement then the 90-Day Accountability Program is for you.

This is for you if

  • you have a project or a goal you want to make progress with
  • you need help to stay focused and productive
  • know that it will be easier with support at your backside
  • you’re ready to commit to doing the work

How this is going to work: 

For 90 Days – via email and voxer

I will help identify where you might be stuck, what is distracting you and give you support and the encouragement to keep going.

Every Sunday I will send an email to ask for your plan of action

Every Friday I will send an email asking you about what went well and what you’ve achieved.

Throughout the week you can voxer me with any question and I will answer them during my office hours Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm EST. 

I believe you’re the expert in your life and am not going to tell you what to do in terms of what actions to take and what to make a priority. 

Access to the 90-Day Goal Journey Course to help you identify what to focus on

3 Payments of $35

One payment of $99

I will contact you within 24-36 hours to get started! While you wait, spend time on the 90-Day Goal Journey course.

Side-effects of accountability 

  • Getting tasks done that have been ignored for months on end because you know what you will work on every single week
  • Routine + Structure for the week that works for you
  • Ditch the constant overwhelm and perfection paralysis
  • Eliminate activities that distract you from your focus.

Other Benefits are

  • You have someone to check in and support you
  • You get advice + feedback when troubles arise
  • You will use specific goals you can measure
  • People generally do better when they have someone to report to

What do you get with this? 

For 90-Days via email: a weekly check-in, plus encouragement and support with your tasks each week and access to the 90-Day Goal Journey Course.

3 Payments of $35

One payment of $99

I will contact you within 24-36 hours to get started! While you wait, spend time on the 90-Day Goal Journey course. 

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