Day 1

How Patient Are You?

Day 2

What Exactly Is Patience?

Day 3

Becoming More Patient

Day 4

Patience Is A Skill

Day 5

Quick Tip – Count To Ten

Day 6

Patience Is A Virtue! Or Is It?

Day 7

Signs You’re Impatient

Day 8

When Patience Is In Order

Day 9

Reflect on Impatience

Day 10

Be Patient vs. Times To Act

Day 11

Quick Tip – Take A Breath

Day 12

Use Visualization

Day 13

3 things after outburst

Day 14

Physical Impact on Impatience

Day 15

Stress leads to impatience

Day 16

Awareness on Impatience

Day 17

Why you lose your cool

Day 18

Give yourself a Time OUt

Day 19

Work One Trigger at a time

Day 20

The Power of Re-Visualizing

Day 21

Find an Outlet for Frustration

Day 22

Meditate Your Way

Day 23

Why Do You Feel Rushed?

Day 24

Build Buffers into your Day

Day 25

Gratitude + Thankfulness

Day 26

The Dangers Of Gratification

Day 27

Be Uncomfortable

Day 28

It’s okay to fake it

Day 29

Patience Is A Choice

Day 30

Time for Reflection

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